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Present3D New Features

Page history last edited by Phil Lavery 11 years, 2 months ago


List of New Features :


Requires OSG 2.9.x and up to date Present3D


  • VNC in a window within P3D : page
  • Live Stream into a window within P3D : page
  • Browser in a window within P3D : page
  • PDF in a window within P3D : page
  • Set environmental variables in the xml file


  • jump within P3D show : page


  • loading DICOM files : page



New Tags and controls :



Volume :


          <key>a</key>      modify alpha value

          <key>t</key>      modify transparency

          <key>v</key>      change rendering options : 


          <volume> </volume> 




Use the following tag within a layer :


          <vnc>network_address_of_your_Mac</vnc>  for example <vnc></vnc>


This will make the vnc window fill the screen in your P3D show. You can change its size, location, fade etc;  just as you would for an image or movie.


          <vnc   position="0.3 0.9 0.1" scale="0.25" fade="0 0 1 1 4 1" ></vnc> 



Live Stream :


Live Stream into a window within P3D : page




For use with video capture card or webcam.



Environmental var suage and setting, and paths :
















Click to run and jump :


additional option of moving forward x slides in parent show.  Usage - add following options to the click_to_run : jump="realtive" or "absolute" and then slide="num" and layer="num", example:

          <click_to_run jump="relative" slide="0" layer="-1">osgviewer glider.osg</click_to_run>

          <image coordinate_frame="slide" position="0.25 0.75 0.0" scale="0.25">Images/lz.rgb</image>

          <click_to_run jump="absolute" slide="0" layer="0">osgviewer cow.osg</click_to_run>

          <image coordinate_frame="slide" position="0.75 0.75 0.0" scale="0.25">RSVclip.mov</image>




Presentation exit tag :


escape as a slide  and button/layer tag : eg 1) on entering final slide in show it escapes back to original show  2) as per click to run, click on image or text to escape back to original show.  Usage add exit to a layer, on advancing to a layer containing exit P3D will exit immediately.




Loop :


<loop> to loop show :  

This was the original behaviour of P3D, but would be best as an option again both as a slide and a layer tag. Usage, add the follow to top
of the file, but below the presentation tag:





like click to run but within the same show, so applied to image/model/text and clicking on will jump x number of slides forward or backward. Or jump to a named slide, this would have the advantage that adding, removing or moving slides would not interfere with these links. Usage:

          <jump jump="relative" slide="-2" layer="0"></jump>



Audio spanning :


audiospan - media spanning multiple slides
audio spanning section ; to allow audio tracks to span multiple slides. 
This is now supported by just adding movie (with audio) to each slide/layer that needs the audio/movie, and P3D will now spot that there is continuity between slides/layers and will leave the media
playing without restarting it.  This functionaity works without any new tags, it also does away with the need for clean_layers.



Mailing List :


For additional support please join the Present3D list here :





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